Digital Assort System

The number of items to be picked is digitally indicated on picking carts, allowing every operator to reduce operation mistake and achieving a speedy and efficient operation

There is 2 functions and improve productivity

Both the Preparation and Sorting functions are available. These reduces operation mistake and helps increase productivity.

Available to monitor and control daily productivity

By connecting clients’ ERP and IHI’s system, manager can monitor work progress of each station.

Accurate and efficient operation

Digital indicator shows the number of items and where its sorted. This easy and accurate operation brings work standardization.


Project References


M-SENKO Logistics Co., Ltd.


Bangna-Trad KM.21, Samutprakarn​

Year of Completion



AS/RS Rackpack®​
Frozen room type (-25℃), Chilled type​
16 RGV system,432 Digital Assort system​


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