Rack Runner

A basic type mobile rack that allows users to build a system that meets their
requirements, such as the size and shape of stored items and storage methods.

Compatible for Various Storage Solutions

The automated racks are "all-round" and can handle loads of a wide range of sizes, weights, and shapes. They are also compatible with various storage methods and environments.

IT System Integrating

Customers can build systems in combination with location systems and inventory management systems. (Optional)

Double and Triple Safety Functions

Safety is crucial when handling cargo in the warehouse. Rack runners are equipped with numerous safety features to ensure the safety of the workers and the surrounding.

Project References


Kokubo Rock Ice (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


Bangpa-in Industrial Estate, Ayuttaya

Year of Completion



Mobile Rack​
Frozen type (-20℃)​
Storage capacity 486PL, Weight 1000kg/PL​


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