About IHI’s Automated Retrieval / Storage System​

IHI’s Automated Retrieval and Storage system are all about space-saving, labor-saving and accurate inventory
management. It covers a wide range of product line-up that is also applicable for special environment such as
freezer storage and clean room application. Holding special items such as dangerous and heavy objects, even
cylindrical shaped items.

Space Saving!

The system makes full use of space right up to ceiling of the three-dimensional storage that integrates the rack and crane, thereby maximizing the existing storage space.

Energy & Resource Saving!

The system helps to reduce the workload of searching, walking around and picking up products. With a single worker operating multiple cranes, this comes as a remarkable labor-saving initiative.

Easy and Accurate Stock Control

The key point of warehouse operations is the handling of goods and inventory control. The automated warehouse system can be easily and accurately managed by anyone via an inventory management computer.

General Structure of IHI AS/RS

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